Healthy Sleep 101: The Basics of Sleep


Description: For babies that are no longer newborns waking up every single hour of the night, tiny people who don’t understand what a nap is, parent falling asleep at his or her desk, parent crying while making dinner because you know the chaos that is about to ensue, those not sharing a bed with their spouse or sharing a bed with their spouse but with another little body crammed in there too.

Join BINX as we take you from the bedtime grumps to bedtime bliss. In this class you’ll learn:

* How schedules affect your baby & toddler
* How to optimize their sleep environment
* How to develop a great bedtime routine
* The science behind sleep
* How to incorporate your parenting style and still have a great sleeper
* Common sleep issues
* Dealing with sickness & teething
* Travel tips

When: Saturday June 9th from 10 am-11 am 

Where: The Bundle Store

Cost: $25 per couple, register here

About the Instructor: Ilissa Goman is the certified infant and child sleep consultant and CPST behind BINX. She started her business in June of 2010 after realizing the Capital District was lacking many services that were available in other places across the US. Ilissa has become a trusted expert for moms in her area and beyond. She works with families one on one to develop sleep plans that fit their child’s biological needs, but that also incorporate the needs of the family. She also is one of the co-founders of The Petite Retreat. In addition to those businesses, Ilissa runs a web design and branding company where she works with small business owners in coaching them to plan out their goals and strategies for success. She is a mama of one and has been a lifelong resident of Malta, NY.  For more info on working with Ilissa, please visit, or, or call (518)309-2469.

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