Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Program

$ 298.00 

Take 10 minutes and let us share with you our simplified and high quality newborn cloth diaper rental program.  

  • Two rental package options:

Option One: 12 GroVia Newborn AIOs, 12 Lil Joey Newborn AIOs, and 12 Thirsties Natural Newborn AIOs


Option Two: 8 GroVia Newborn AIOs, 8 Lil Joey Newborn AIOs, 8 Thirsties Natural Newborn AIOs, 12 Newborn Osocozy Preolds, and 4 covers (GroVia, Thirsties, Rumparooz brands)

  • 36 diapers in total, never worry about running out or washing last minute
  • Both package options include 36 wipes, 2 pail liners, 2 wet bags, foaming wipe solution, cloth diaper safe balm. (A snappi is also included in the package that includes prefolds). If you plan to continue cloth diapering you can purchase any of the wipes, pail liners, and wet bags at 40% off retail cost when your rental period ends. 
  • Get a full 3 months of rental from your due date. Please include your due date in a note at check out. 
  • Get the great fit and convenience of newborn size cloth diapers without the need to invest a huge up front cost (can cost $400 or more)
  • Save 27% or more when compared to disposable diapers by using our rental program with your baby
  • $199 rental fee for the 3 month period plus a $99 deposit that you will receive back in full or you can choose store credit to receive 115% of the deposit amount. 
  • Reserve approximately 6-8 weeks before your due date. Ships FREE (add other items to your order to take advantage) or can be picked up if you're local

* Product price includes $199 rental program fee AND your $99 deposit. 

* Rental diapers are gently used. Please return your rental diapers in good care. A simple care guide will be provided to you. When you return your diapers we will check them for any major damage like tears, broken snaps, or damaged PUL and contact you in the event something needs to be replaced. 


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