Avanchy Bamboo & Silicone Infant Feeding Spoon - 5 Pack

$ 19.99


2018 New Edition-longer reinforced neck and silicone tip no longer detaches from the bamboo handle. 

Soft infant spoons made from sustainable bamboo with a silicone tip created for infants to prevent injuries.

Why We Love It

  • Available in vibrant and charming colors
  • Offers a comfortable hold for both children and adults
  • BPA, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free
  • Bamboo is natural & light, anti-microbial & anti-bacterial, sustainable & biodegradable

About the Brand

The story of Avanchy started in 2014, when the founder, Faisal, noticed a distinct lack of sustainable, Eco-friendly baby dishes. 

Faisal already had the requirements of the perfect baby dishes: they had to be made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials by means of ethical techniques and they had to be easy to use around children. Having learned from his small twins, meal time with babies tends to be quite messy, so the addition of a special suction cup to hold the dishes in place was a must.

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