Camp-In-A-Box - Magical Gnomes and Fairies (3-4 yr olds)

$ 39.00 

This gnome and fairy themed box will take your little one's imagination on an adventure with whimsical gnomes and fairies in a bright world of color and magic. Included in the box will be materials for imaginary play, movement, craft activities, a cooperative game, and so much more! The box will include an outline and suggestions for how to complete the activities with your child each day over the course of a week for one week of camp fun and beyond!


- Supplies for creating your own fairy door

- Supplies for creating a gnome

- A fairy potion recipe and glass dropper bottle

- Fairy matching memory game

- Paper puppet supplies for making your own fairy/gnome puppet theater box

- Links to read aloud stories by us about fairies

- Additional learning materials about fairies and gnomes!