Carriwell Organic Cotton Belly Binder

$ 49.95

Product Info

Naturally encourages your stomach to return to its original shape.

After a long pregnancy, we all want to shrink our waist and belly as quickly as possible! The Carriwell Organic Cotton Belly Binder not only helps improve posture and supports your lower back; it tightens the tummy thereby aiding in the recovery of Diastasis Recti and makes you look slimmer and more confident - immediately!


  • Support: Provides abdominal support and comfort after C-Section.
  • Healing: Aids in healing Diastasis Recti.
  • Nursing Posture: Helps improve your posture whilst sitting, standing and especially while breast-feeding.
  • Flexibility: Gradually helps you reduce stretch marks by simply adjusting the belt to assist the tightening and firming of loose skin.
  • Organic: Carriwell organic cotton is fully certified.