GroVia O.N.E. Diaper (Assorted Colors)

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The O.N.E. (Outlast Closure.  No prep.  Easy to use.) diaper is a true all-in-one diaper that comes with everything you’ll ever need to cloth diaper a baby: enough absorbency to forget boosters and doublers (even overnight), two built-in closure options, and a heavy-duty construction that is built to last.

Why We Love It

  • Outlast Closure system allows you to choose between hook & loop or snap closures
  • Absorbency comes from hidden body player plus a cotton, channeled soaker design
  • Trim yet absorbent
  • Built-in extra absorbency means the perfect nighttime solution
  • Lasts from birth to potty learning (fits 10 - 35 lbs)
  • No prepping - can start using right away
  • Modular Snap In Soaker System allows for customization (includes both large and small insert)
  • Easy closure replacement
  • Fairly and conscientiously made in China
  • Materials:  hidden inner layer - 100% polyester microfiber, soaker - 100% cotton topped with 100% polyester microfleece, body lining - 100% polyester microfleece, outer - 100% water-resistant polyester TPU

About the Company

What began as Montana’s Diaper Store, an online retail site operating out of founder Kim Ormsby’s laundry room, has quickly grown into the inspiration that would revolutionize the natural parenting industry. In 2008, Kim created a line of eco-friendly parenting products to solve the daily issues parents face while nurturing their babies, and developed The Natural Baby Company.

The Natural Baby Company found great success, particularly with the 2009 launch of GroVia, a modern, eco-friendly diapering system that took the market by storm.

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