Kyte Baby Blanket - Blush

$ 45.00 


Silky soft bamboo baby blanket.   

Why We Love It

  • Dimensions: 33 in x 33 in; 84 cm x 84 cm
  • Silky soft and fluffy
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Cooler than cotton 
  • Exterior: 97% Bamboo of Rayon, 3% Spandex Interior: 100% Polyester

About the Company

Kyte Baby was started by Founder Ying Liu who was looking for a fabric that would be comfortable for her daughter with eczema to wear and decrease her irritation when sleeping. This is when she came across bamboo which is cooler than cotton and softer, alleviating her daughter's irritation and improving her comfort during sleep. 

When Ying visited her family for a reunion in China, she told them about her business ideas. Aunt Ling, who owns a garment factory in a small town in Southern China, suggested that she start her own line of bamboo sleepwear, sourced in China. She never saw Aunt Ling much growing up, as she was always busy running her factory and would only return home during the New Year. Over the past 30 years, she worked her way up from a sewing girl to the owner of a factory that is certified to export clothing to top European lines. However, her factory was not getting enough work lately because of rising labor costs and tougher competition from other Asian countries. One of the biggest problems she faced was that she couldn’t afford to keep all the workers during off-peak seasons. These are the workers that she eats every meal with and sleeps in the same dorm building with. She asked, “Why don’t you design your own line of bamboo baby clothing, and I will manufacture them for you, during the factory’s down times?” She added, “Babies are born year-round, right?”

Then it all came together, and Ying was able to start a family-owned & operated company that went all the way to sourcing. She got to pursue her artist’s dream, and her aunt got to keep the factory afloat. Just like using bamboo fabric itself, filling the factory’s down time truly promotes the smart use of resources and sustainability. This way of thinking is evident in every aspect of Kyte BABY.