Nui Organics Shortwool Lambskin Rug

$ 89.00

Beautifully soft New Zealand Shortwool Lambskin Rug.

Nui lambskins provide a safe nurturing environment.Œæ Their soft natural comfort has soothed babies and young children around the world for centuries. Research shows babies cry less, are relaxed and sleep more easily when on the comfort of a lambskin rug. An ideal travel companion, the familiar comfort of a childäó»s lambskin makes for easy transition from place to place. Like travelling in a motheräó»s embrace.Œæ

Naturally temperature regulating, lambskins keep babies warm when itäó»s cold and cool when itäó»s hot. Perfect for any climate, a lambskin stroller fleece on a hot day keeps air circulating beneath the child and much more comfortable than if they were sitting on a synthetic cover. With the ability of wool fibers to absorb up to a third of their own weight in moisture they keep baby cool and dry.

Easy care, Nui lambskins may be machine or hand washed. Each lambskin is packaged for easy transport or gifting and includes full care instructions.

Nui lambskins are natural, biodegradable and a renewable resource. As with all Nui products, we make every effort to ensure they leave as small a footprint on the planet as possible. Of exceptional quality, with love and care a Nui lambskin will last a lifetime.


20x35" and 0.8" length wool

50x90cm and 20mm length wool

Packaged in zip carry bag