Stroller Miles Series

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Are you new to stroller running, seeking some strategies to make it fun for both you and baby, or looking for a community of other stroller-running parents? Join Megan James, physical therapist and owner of Immersion PT, and Amber Chaves, occupational therapist and owner of The Bundle Store, in a 3-part workshop all about running with the stroller!

Each session will last approximately 1 hour, and will include an educational topic, demo/practice time, and open Q&A. Bring your stroller and little one to take advantage of the practice time (6+ months old for stroller running, but it's never too early to learn and watch others!) Led by experts in the field, you will learn about how you can maximize your stroller running potential, making it a positive experience for everyone!

COST: $15/session, or $40/series (via PayPal) to ImmersionPT


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